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Adam Chidlow is a Software Engineer and an Applied Mathematician based in Perth, Western Australia.

Career & Qualifications

Since obtaining his Bachelor of Science (double majoring in Computer Science & Mathematics and graduating with Distinction) Adam has worked at companies ranging from startups to multinational technology verticals. He has worked as the sole/primary developer, on teams of 20+ people spanning multiple continents, and everything in between.

He is a programming polyglot, with various levels of professional experience in Python, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, Java, Javascript, Fortran, Maple, MATLAB, CUDA, and x86 Assembly. He has developed for Linux and Microsoft Windows, for desktop and for the web. His preference is for developing in Python, running on Linux and with a bit of C++/Cython thrown in as required for performance critical components.

Adam has a natural predilection for working on projects which require the application of his mathematical skills to break down real world problems, before proceeding to turn it all in to ones and zeros. However, he is also very experienced in principled approaches to software design, and in writing robust, elegant, and maintainable software.

machine learning books

As a strong believer in life-long learning, his interest post-graduation has been fervently captured by the field of machine learning, and in particular, probabilistic methods.

Adam has contributed to multiple open source projects (including Django). He prefers to leverage open source libraries and development tools wherever possible, and is convinced that contributing back any fixes or enhancements to such projects is of net value to all involved.

Adam is available for consulting projects on a part-time basis. His rates vary based on the project type, problem domain, and expected length/frequency. If you have something for which you think he would be suited, please get in touch with a short description of your work proposal. Adam will be in touch once has recieved your email to discuss options.


Adam first fell in love with mathematics at the age of ten after being given some old University textbooks to use as door stops, one of which was Calculus, Vol. 1 by Apostol, which he started reading and thought was the coolest thing ever. He became similarly enamoured with programming at a young age, and was (and still is) particularly excited by the intersection between the two, even implementing a simple Computer Algebra System to do some of his more tedious math homework for him in high school.

He had a hard time choosing between continuing his studies after being accepted to do his honours year, or taking a an offer of full time employment to work in the exciting and challenging domain of mine planning and optimisation software. One day he hopes to be able to return to his studies and obtain a PhD in Computer Science or Mathematics.

His favourite theorem is Gödel’s incompleteness theorem.

In what little free time he has, he enjoys reading (mostly speculative fiction), keeping fit, and amateur astronomy.

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